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Grinomusic  is a platform designed to enable musicians and other creators to stream as well as monetise the content. We are accessible via web or the google play store. To find out more about grinomusic, visit our support website.

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A Competent staff members administers the Grino Music web application and website. We are located in Dansoaman, Accra -Ghana. We operate under the auspices of Grino Media Limited 24/7.

What We Do:

Primarily we undertake the following tasks:

a.     Monetize – Our platforms allow Artist, Promoters And Record Labels to monetise their content by selling or streaming songs, audiobooks, poems, etc. By doing so, user get the opportunity to employ our promotional packages and subscriptions using their proceeds.

b.     Promotions – We also ensure that copyright productions reach out to the global audience within the shortest possible time. This is aimed at promoting Artist specifically so that revenue generation is enhanced

c.     Event Organisation – We organise real-time events for promotional purposes. The most trending artist for a period of time, for instance gains an automatic gig in order to interact with fans/followers. This usually happens when the artist in picture is up and coming.

d.     Audio Mix/Mastering – in concert with the Jungle Yaad studios and band, (under RANKINGFAMILY MULTIMEDIA), we undertake Audio Recording Deals, Promotional Packages, Distributions. Visit our website and fill out our forms if you intend to join the family.

e.     Connection – we connect the artist to fans and followers worldwide directly or indirectly.

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